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WebEOC is one of the primary incident management tools utilized by MEMA and all municipal emergency management agencies in the state, as well as numerous regional, state and federal agencies and organizations; in managing situational awareness, resource requests, and mutual aid during major incidents and disasters.
WebEOC is the primary platform for recording, tracking and sharing information, and managing resource requests and mutual aid.

MEMA Dispatch monitors WebEOC 24/7.

**Incidents can be created for planned events and exercises.
**Incidents in WebEOC are ‘archived’ 14 days after the completion of the event.
 **For incident creation or access to reports from a past event, please email Jaci Hamel (Jaclyn.Hamel@state.ma.us).

Please look under the Plugins Menu -> File Library for the WebEOC guides.
The "*2016 TRAINING" or the "*2016 Region X Training" incidents have been created for training/testing. 


WebEOC® is a registered trademark of ESi Acquisition, Inc.